We aren’t just dancers who teach. We are educators too!



Do I have to pay anything for my free one-on-one lesson?

No! It’s completely free because we understand that it takes time to decide what you’d like to do and how you want to learn it. We wouldn’t know anything about you if we put you in the back of a large class of dancers who already knew what they were doing – a private lesson is the best way for us to get to know you.

What do I bring?

Just bring some comfortable shoes and clothes you like to move around in. If you have special dancing shoes, bring them along too. It’s also a good idea to bring some water.

When are the lessons?

We are very flexible and work out a schedule and times that are best suited for your dancing needs!

How much is it?

We personalize your lessons to suit your dancing needs and goals. After you have enjoyed the FREE PRIVATE LESSON we will discuss costings and how you can get started – schedules and time availability for your lessons.

Who is it for?

We teach adults 18 to 80+ yrs. learning on their own, couples, same sex partners. Whether it’s a hobby to enjoy all year round, upcoming Weddings or Special Occasions we can help you achieve your dancing needs and desires!

How do I Book?

Simply reach out by phone to Margaret on 0456 607 903, email [email protected] or fill out the form by clicking here.

Make Dance Extraordinary

There is so much more than just “learning how to dance”. Our many decades of experience in teaching and working with students have shown us that Dance is freedom, joy of movement and can be both a challenge and a release.

We hope to show you how extraordinary dance really is and can’t wait to start the journey with you.


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