About Us

My Dance Studio, on the Gold Coast, has Instructors who have been teaching
single people – couples – same sex partners – Brides and Grooms – wedding parties
and guests – in fact anyone from 18 to 80+ years who would like to dance.
We do it all with almost 40 years experience in Social Dancing and all
lessons are personalized especially for your needs.

How We Are Different

We are not your typical dance studio!
It all begins with your FREE PRIVATE LESSON where we show you what and how we teach. If you enjoy your lesson, we then let you see how easy it is to get started with a small programme of instruction designed for your dancing needs, wants, goals, schedules and availability for lessons. Every programme is geared around the kind of dancer you would like to become – making your dancing unique and extraordinary!

What We Do

We teach you on a personalised programme of instruction which includes PRIVATE LESSONS – one to one with your own teacher, who knows just what you need and want from your dancing and how you learn. GROUP LESSONS of 3 -10 people in a class with one teacher – everyone learning at the same level.  SOCIAL PRACTISE EVENINGS – where you get to use your dancing in a party atmosphere.  It’s your springboard to going out “solo”.

Your first lesson is a FREE Private Lesson where you get a chance to experience what learning to dance is all about.  If you enjoy the lesson and how we teach – we will show you a small Dance Planning Programme to get you started…..It’s as easy as that!  Allow 45 mins to 1 hour for your lesson – there’s no obligation – just a little of your time.

So, whether you would like the versatility of Foxtrot – the romance of Rumba or the fun and self-expression of Swing, there are dances to suit every social occasion.

Private Lessons

Come for your free lesson where we listen, discuss and learn all about your goals. 

Semi Private Lessons

We teach SEMI PRIVATE lessons of 3-10 people learning at the same level in conjunction with your private lessons.

Wedding Dancing

Do you have a wedding or event planned and want to be ready? This is for you! 

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